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I'm knocking off early today because I did my back in yesterday in the garden and I just can't face another two hours of sitting in the car or other people's uncomfortable chairs. I've put in enough overtime recently that I'm well and truly entitled. So I'm sitting down with a pot of tea and arnica on the bits of my back I can reach, and I thought I'd post something here.

I haven't been posting much recently, and I haven't been reading much either. There's no reason, it's just that Livejournal hasn't been at the top of my priorities and I've been busy. Work has been crazy, and there has been more face-to-face social life than usual. Maybe it's Spring.

A friend of mine -- an acquaintance, an ex-colleague, called Mike -- organized a reading of Under Milk Wood in his house near Narberth, which went wonderfully well. I feel very fortunate to have been asked. I read Captain Cat and Mr. Ogmore, and Widower Waldo -- we were all doubling up. It was such fun and gave me a real rush. It was also very nice to meet other like-minded people -- we had two rehearsals and a proper run through, which was on Friday. Mike wants us to do it again in a church hall with an audience in the summer, and will get in touch if he can organize that.

Polly Garter, whose real name is Judith but who I'll probably be calling Polly for the next century now I've got into the habit of it, wants to start a group for play-readings, without rehearsal, once a month, agreeing in advance what we're going to read next time. She wants to start with Stoppard's Arcadia on May 2nd. I need to get hold of a copy pronto as I haven't ever read it. She's suggesting A Winter's Tale which I have read and even own, for June, so maybe I'll skip May and go for June.

In other news, I sold my Cartimandua poem to a tiny magazine called Archon which pays five pounds and two copies. So that's two publications so far in 2004, which puts me one up on 2003 and it's only April.

I've finished reading the Patrick O'Brian books. I thought about going back and reading them all again when I got to the end, but I've resisted temptation -- mainly because I've lent the first three to Polly!
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