Aled Morgan (llaregyb) wrote,
Aled Morgan

New Start

sartorias was just asking me if I'd had a nice summer. Well, I did, working hard and keeping my head down, mostly. It's definitely autumn now -- a chill in the air in the mornings, the nights drawing in, and the leaves turning. The surest sign summer's over though is the roads clearing up -- no more tourists. It makes autumn a new beginning, the children back to school, the tourists going away. I think the Jewish New Year has the best of it; it's a much better time for a new start than January.

I've taken to taking Gelert out with me in the car if I'm driving around seeing clients. He likes it, and he's very good about staying in the car when he needs to. Most of the time I can leave the window quite far down for him, and anyway, it hasn't been a very hot summer. Some people don't mind me bringing him in, and he's very good then as well, he walks around a strange room sniffing everything and then settles down next to me. He's quite good for breaking the ice with new people sometimes, it gives us something to talk about before we get down to business. It's also been a good change for him -- before, he stayed home with Gyp, now, he mostly comes out with me. I don't take him when I'm going into the office, of course, but that's usually only a couple of days in the week. I find him a good companion in the car, and usually we stop somewhere and have a good walk -- which means I've been seeing some new bits of the countryside.

Then when we get home, he jumps out when I stop to open the gate and runs up to the house, so he can be there to welcome me when I get out. He's a very intelligent dog. Poll -- and Sue at work as well -- keeps saying I should get another pup, but I couldn't take a pup with me the way I take Gelert, and they still haven't caught that murderer with the gun, whoever it was, and I'd just be worried all the time. It's not as if another dog would replace Gyp anyway. Gelert and I are doing all right together.
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