Aled Morgan (llaregyb) wrote,
Aled Morgan

Thank you

Thank you to everyone on my friends list who said "Happy Birthday" to me. I really wasn't expecting that and I'm extremely touched. chickenfeet2003 even said it in Welsh.

I was feeling terribly old, but that's cheered me up no end.

Billie was down for the weekend, which was lovely, we ate a lot and went out and enjoyed the early Spring mildness -- she says it's a lot warmer here than in London. There are narcissi and daffs out in my garden -- I always have them for St. David's Day, and if they're out for my birthday it seems like a bonus.

Billie brought me a huge stainless steel stewpot from the family, with instructions to throw out my (very) old one. She also brought me four jazz CDs, which I haven't played yet, and Robert Graves's Homer's Daughter which I've been looking for for years.

In about half an hour, I have five people coming round for birthday dinner -- roast duck, apple sauce, mashed potatoes, frozen peas, all very easy, and a cake which Billie made and left for me. I've just brought in a few narcissi for the table. So things are pretty good.
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